Glass Fabrication

Our double edge and vertical polishing technology make it possible for us to provide a wide array of edge options.

Glass Edge-work options for Heat Treated Glass


Simplest type. Sharp edges for any cut piece of glass are removed and a belt sander.  APPLICATION:  Fully Tempered & Heat Strengthened only.

Flat Ground Glass

Flat Ground

Machined edge of platform with a satin finish.  APPLICATION: Butt jointed edges with silicone seal or exposed edges. Fully Tempered & Heat Strengthened only.

Flat Polish

This is a machined edge of flat form with raised edges which has been polished. APPLICATION: Exposed edges.

Mitered polish /Ground

This is a flat machined edge anywhere between a 1° to 45° angle to the cut edge of a panel. The thickness of the glass remaining at the edge is 1/16 of an inch (nominal) 

Ground, polished, and mitered edges are available on all heat treated lites and on annealed glass up to 3⁄4” thick. We do not seam annealed glass therefore all annealed glass edges will be sharp.

RIG prefers all fabricated glass products with holes, notches and cutouts to be heat treated.

This is done by using our  horizontal jumbo CNC fabrication equipment.The guidelines below also apply for the notch and cutout requirements.

Learn more about heat treatments >

For more fabrication guidelines, limitations, and advisement, call us. We will be happy to share more information.

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