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Contact your sales representative to stay up to date on project scheduling to guarantee production space. Lead times are determined by the day of order, product type, stock item availability.

1 truck = 40,000 lbs
1 crate/rack = 3,800 lbs
12-14 racks per truck
40 pieces lami/rack (9/16”)
20 pieces IG/rack (1”)

All different products have varying availability. Here are the limitations based on RIG machinery and end products

• Insulated Glass 130″ – 284″

• Laminated Glass 130″ – 240″

• Tempered Glass 130″ – 284″

• Heat Soaked Glass 130″ – 240″

• Digital In-Glass Print 130″ – 240″

• Fabricated Glass 130″ – 330″

The amount a truck can hold is dependent on both the glass dimensions and weight. Typically, a truck can hold about 12-13 racks containing smaller glass.

The more information you can provide, the more accurate our quote will be. At a minimum please provide sizes, quantities, project specifications, any special requests and delivery location.

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