Laminated glass
for performance & Safety

Laminated Glass with Interlayer

Laminated Glass

Structural Glazing & Safety Glazing
Overhead Glazing & Flooring
Interiors & Exteriors
Acoustical Enhancement
Colorful Aesthetics

Laminated glass is the result of bonding two or more pieces of glass together with an interlayer using heat and pressure. Variations of interlayers, Polyvinyl Butryal (PVB) or SentryGlas™ (SGP) can enhance safety and security by providing the glass additional strength.  There are also options to achieve greater acoustical control and to add color in such a way that tints and coatings are unable to provide.

Where safety and strength matter most

Laminated glass acts as a strong barrier against outside forces.

• Hurricane resistance

• Blast resistance

• Limits UV light transmittance
Laminated heat treated tint coatings


Interlayer in laminated units dampen sound characteristics which will overall reduce noise transmission.


Interlayer is available in a variety of colors that may be more aesthetically pleasing in comparison to a coating, substrate, digital-in glass printing or spandrel glass. Opacity may also may be better achieved with a layer of interlayer for a translucent or frosted look. True, bright and vivid colors are represented well in laminated units. Check out Vanceva to see all your color options. [Ordered on a need basis.]


RIG’s lamination process starts in our class 10,000 cleanroom then directly into our customized industry-leading machinery for heat and pressure. We have the capability to produce some of the most unique pieces of laminated glass in the world.

• Our laminated glass can be fabricated in sizes up to 130” x 240” and up to 4” in thickness
• All laminated glass with an interlayer of .030” meets the federal CPSC 16 CFR 1201 category I & II, as well as ANSI Z97.1 class A & B, and CAN/CGB512.1M category I & II

Lamination Press

Laminated units can be manufactured up to 4 inches in thickness with a variety of interlayer and lite combinations.

Interlayer options

RIG offers a large inventory of standard interlayers in a variety of thicknesses from the standard interlayers thickness from .015” to .100HP” and several specialty layers included STC rated products: 

Interlayer Suppliers:
Patel High School

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