Laminated Glass Interlayers

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Interlayers are used in laminated units to bond two glass lites together. Laminated glass serves many purposes including safety and security enhancement, acoustical control, and colorful design elements.

RIG houses an extensive inventory of interlayers from the standard PVB’s thicknesses from 0.015” to .090” and several specialty interlayers including STC rated products:

Laminated Glass

Our Laminate Interlayer Providers:

Laminated heat treated tint coatings

Where safety and
strength matter most

Laminated glass acts as a strong barrier against outside forces.

• Hurricane resistance
• Blast resistance
• LIMITed UV RAY penetration

Interlayer Options

Polyvinylbutyral (PVB) or SentryGlasTM are two basic options for your interlayer. Both are available in a variety of thickness and color.

SGP’s yellow index is less than 1.5 and PVB’s yellow index is 6-12- therefore SGP is visually clearer. 

SGP is 5 times stronger than PVB

Laminated glass can be manufactured up to 4” thick, with up to 4 stacked interlayers.

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