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Insulated glass is our specialty.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is at the core of RIG. Our process creates a hermetically sealed unit combining two or more lites of glass separated by either traditional spacers or RIG’s signature Warm Seal spacer.  Insulation reduces condensation in cold climates and improves thermal performance by scientifically reducing heating and air conditioning costs. 

Insulated Glass Components

Our standard seals come in black with an option of both gray PIB and gray secondary seal.

Our insulation process

• RIG fabricates dual sealed units that utilize either our signature Warm Seal technology or a PIB primary seal, plus a silicone secondary seal. 

• Units are sealed robotically online on our vertical insulating lines.

• All insulated glass units are fabricated to meet the ASTM E2190 Standard.

Capabilities & Equipment

• RIG can run commodity glass as well as oversized glass up to 130” x 284” for any insulated unit. 

 • We house several of the most advanced insulated lines in North America.

 • The cornerstone of our fabrication process is our state-of-the-art equipment, which is expertly maintained and updated to stay on the cutting edge of industry advancements.

for optimal performance

Insulated units may have multiple layers:

Triple Insulated
4 layer insulated
5 layer insulated
Insulated Glass Enhancements

RIG can fabricate shapes and offsets within single, double, or triple insulated units.

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Digital Print

Digital prints can be added to any layer of the insulated unit to deliver your desired aesthetic.

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Spandrel can be applied to insulated units to hide structural elements, in turn harmonizing the aesthetics of the building.

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ARGON is an invisible non-toxic gas with lower thermal conductivity than air. It is typically used to improve thermal performance.

– To meet energy requirements argon gas needs to be combined with a Low-E coating.

– There is no optimal thickness where gas achieves its best performance. RIG recommends 1⁄2” thickness for optimal performance.

• AIR adds no value and is manufactured at no cost. 

Insulated Glass Components