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Rochester Insulated Glass provides ceramic frit for our spandrel applications. Spandrel glass is used to create a harmonious facade with vision glass. Only when spandrel glass is installed with an opaque background do you get the full desired look. RIG only recommends for spandrel glass to be installed in front of an opaque background for full performance and aesthetics.

Ceramic Frit Spandrel

Our Frit Providers:

Ceramic Frit Standard Colors:

ForD Blue
New Evergreen
Light Warm Gray
High Opacity White
Dark Gray
Dark Bronze
Lava Bronze

Spandrel should BLEnd right in

A common challenge is harmonizing spandrel glass to vision glass on the façade of a building. It is recommended to use the same components for both vision glass and spandrel glass to minimize any contrast under various lighting conditions.


RIG recommends a full size mock up of any spandrel glass due to the variations in paint color and the changes sight conditions have on the aesthetic appearance of this product.

Account for the interior side

The interior side of spandrel glass is not suitable for use as a finished wall. Alternative material such as drywall, sheetrock or insulation must be installed on the interior side at least 1” from the surface of the spandrel glass.

Our ceramic frit is lead-free, environmentally friendly, high performing, and durable. We use a roller coater to apply the material to each glass lite and then we fire the material into the glass in a furnace.

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